10 Best Natural Swimming Holes In The US

With record high temperatures all across America, everyone is looking for ways to cool off. There’s nothing like taking a plunge into a refreshing body of water. And while swimming pools are great, a lot of people like to break out of the mold. They know that some of the best summertime memories happen in the serene surroundings of a swimming hole.

There are many different types of swimming holes that you can enjoy, those in forests or tropical locations and even some with natural slip-and-slides! Once you see the amazing scenery, and fun adventures awaiting you, you are going to want to grab your friends and family, hop in a car, and head to one of these amazing swimming holes!

1. Sliding Rock — Brevard, NC

Sliding Rock credit TCTDA
Visit NC

2. Johnson’s Shut-Ins — Reynolds County, Missouri


3. The Blue Hole — Wimberly, TX

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4. Oregon Creek Swimming Hole — Yuba River, California

8518070156_9647f7bacd_k.jpg.846x529_q85_box-0,128,2048,1408_crop_detail (1)
The Liberty Project

5. The Homestead Caldera — Midway, UT

Homestead Resort

6. Barton Springs Creek — Austin, Texas

Uncle Traveling Joe

7. Bridal Veil Falls — Tallulah Gorge State Park, GA

10 best

8. White Rock Park — St. Paul, IN

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.02.31 PM
St. Paul Cliffs

9. Enfield Falls — Ithaca, NY

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10. Queen’s Bath — Kauai, Hawaii

7560599440_3d13ee83c6_k.jpg.846x529_q85_box-0,128,2048,1408_crop_detail (1)
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