Soldiers Weren’t Getting Mail, So Heartbroken Army Mom Starts Massive Project.

When LeAnn Bouwine’s two sons in the military told her that not all of their fellow soldiers received care packages from back home like they did, she knew right away that she had to do something about it. So LeAnn enlisted the help of her friends and together they began shipping troops packages straight from her home in Wisconsin.

That was over 11 years ago. Now, LeAnn’s efforts have expanded into an official charity, Support The Troops, which has since shipped 10,000 boxes to soldiers abroad from a donated space they work out of.


“It started small, but the more we heard how much it meant to these heroes to know that people back home had not forgotten about them, the more it keep growing and growing,” she told U.S. News. “We never thought we’d still be doing it, but there are so few groups like ours that it would break our hearts to stop.”


The packages are filled with items that have been donated—everything from food and activity books to candy and clothing—and are assembled by a team of local volunteers.

“The community support throughout the year has been overwhelming,” said Boudwine, who plans on continuing her work for as long as she possibly can.


“Why do we do this? Because of the letters we get,” she said. “Soldiers tell us how good it makes them feel to know that we are thinking about them. I get teary just thinking about it.”

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