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15 Times Drive-Thru Workers Were Surprised With Adorable Customers

Can we all agree that cute animals make every situation better?

Say you’re having a bad day at work… then somebody brings in an adorable puppy that you get to pet and BAM! Your day has instantly improved! This fact is especially true if you work somewhere that generally doesn’t allow animals in the workplace, like a fast food drive-thru, for instance. Check out 15 times drive-thru workers got an unexpected furry (or feathered!) visitor that totally made their day.

1. For ME?!?

“My friends took their dog through the Burger King drive-thru and he may have scored himself some free nuggets for his adorableness… this was his reaction.”


2. Can’t. Handle. The. Intensity!

“This fella was in front of me in the drive-thru this morning. He never broke eye-contact.”


3. Say cheese! (No seriously, give him some cheese, please.)

“I work at an animal rescue. I decided to take this sweet girl “Zelda” out of the kennel for a while and come get lunch with me. Here we are in the In N Out drive thru line. The smile says it all.”


4.  He’s the “goodest” of boys!

“Yet another installment of good drive-thru boys.”


5. Be right back… must squeeze this little guy!

“This is Fancy. I met him working the drive thru today. :)”


6. “Officer Adorable reporting for duty!”

“A police puppy in training came through the drive thru…”


7.  Some dogs are cooler than others. This dog? He’s pretty much the coolest.

“Friend working drive-thru sent me this.”


8. Ever seen a three-headed dog before?

“The best part about working at a drive-thru coffee shop, you ask?”


9. Well, that’s not something you see every day!

“Did not believe my coworker when she said there was a raccoon in drive thru.”


10. All he ordered was “quackers,” then he told them to put it on his bill.

“After a trip through the Starducks drive-thru…”


11. Did somebody say “bacon?!”

“Somebody got a treat in the drive thru today!”


12. Up high!

“The sweetest hi-five in a drive-thru that I’ve ever seen!”


13. Yup, he definitely wins! Enter this guy in a beauty contest STAT.

“I found the most photogenic dog in the drive thru this evening.”


14. He asked for a Vegemite sandwich, but they were fresh out.

“A guy came through the drive thru at my work with a baby kangaroo.”


15. Polly wants McNuggets.

“This is why I love working drive thru at the McDonalds right next to one of the largest pet stores ever.”


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