Bullies Taunted Tall Girl & Called Her “Giraffe” — Now She’s Setting Records.

Being tall definitely comes with its advantages. You’ll never have to worry about being picked last for basketball and volleyball teams during gym class, you’ll always have a better view than most everyone else around, and you’ll always be able to get stuff tucked away on the top shelf.

But there are disadvantages, too, especially for young girls and women, who can’t exactly blend in with everyone else and often struggle to find dates. And for at least one young California woman, her legs are so prohibitively long that they’ve actually prevented her from landing modeling jobs. Who’s heard of a model being too tall before?!


But by the time she was 13 years old, Chase Kennedy was already 6’1 – taller than the average man. Which comes as no surprise: Her dad is 6’7, her mom is 5’11 and both of her older brothers are well over 6 feet tall. So for an average-sized man (5’9) or woman (5’4), waking into the Kennedy household would be like walking onto the set of Land of the Giants.


“I feel sorry for anyone who sits behind us at the cinema – we’re like a human wall,” Chase said.

Now 25, Chase stands 6’5 inches tall, with her legs making up more than four feet of that total height. She’s finally learned how to embrace her “legginess,” but it took a while to get there, especially during her elementary and high school years.


She always wore flats to take attention away from her height, “and I would see girls in high heels at dances and I’d always want to be able to do that,” she said.

“I was always just so awkward that I didn’t want to stand out or anything. But as I have grown older I feel like it’s better, it makes me who I am.”


It’s wonderful that this aspiring model emerged from those awkward adolescent years with so much confidence and such a strong sense of self.

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