Sweethearts Who Lost Over 300 Pounds Together, Get Astonishing Makeovers.

Amber and Bo met in high school and have been together ever since. When the couple met, they were young and in love: Bo had just graduated and Amber was still in high school. But it was when they were married and got pregnant, that their weight quickly got out of control.

“That was when the weight really started to add on.” It can happen to any couple: You become pregnant and you and your partner start eating for two — or more. At their heaviest, Amber weighed 363 and Bo weighed 357. But the number on the scale wasn’t all that drove them to their tipping point.


“The weight gain killed our energy level, killed our sex life … and the word divorce came up,” Bo recalls. That was when they knew they needed to make a change.


Instead of getting divorced, Amber and Bo made a concerted effort to kick the pounds. First, they began eating healthier, cutting out red meat. From that change alone, the couple estimates they dropped around 30 pounds within the first few months!


They worked out and before long, they could barely recognize themselves. Now, Amber is down 185 pounds and Bo lost 127 pounds. Together, they trimmed off over 300 pounds!


But their wardrobe never caught up to their new look. Because they had two kids to care for, Amber and Bo’s needs never really came first.

That’s where Rachel Ray decided to step in. After a day of primping, they couple stepped out in front of a live studio audience to reveal their new looks to each other — and to themselves (they hadn’t caught a glimpse yet).

Check out Bo’s face when he sees Amber:


Watch the video below to see their big reveal — they look AMAZING! And don’t forget to share this couple’s incredible transformation. It’s wonderful that they pulled through and worked on themselves and their relationship.

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