baby elephant bathtub

Hesitant Baby Elephant Has No Idea How To Approach New Bathtub Until Mom Steps In.

Getting babies ready for bath time can be tough no matter which species you’re working with — and rowdy baby elephants are no exception.

A few years back, the folks at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand, learned this firsthand. One of their babies got a new bathtub in, and he was pretty confused by it at first… Naturally, this led to the cutest bath experience ever.

meet navan

Volunteers set up a brand new inflatable bathtub at the elephant sanctuary and initially, baby Navann wasn’t quite sure how to go about getting inside.

navan and the pool

After a few minutes, Navann finally gets the hang of his new tub. He’s very excited it about, and so is his mom… although, there’s not exactly room for two.

mom steps in pool

As it’s probably very warm outside, it’s understandable that Navann’s mom was quick to try her best to get into the pool, too. You can almost sense Navann wants to say, “Mom! It’s my pool!”

Eventually, with Mom’s help, Navann gets down to bathtime-related business.

mom bathes navan

One of the most wonderful aspects of this video is that we get to see elephants living happy lives, away from the abuse and mistreatment that’s sadly still common in parts of Thailand and surrounding areas.

At least for baby Navann, this is the first of many bathtimes to be had in an environment filled with love and safety.

baby navan gets in the pool

To see Navann’s adorable bathtime shenanigans, check out the video below. And if you love to see rescue animals living happy lives, definitely share this story.

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