Adorable Baby Girl Scolds Dad In Hilarious Dinnertime “Debate.”

Who says you have to know “words” in order to have a great conversation? Words. Who needs ’em?

Not this little girl, that’s for sure! The adorable baby in the video below seems to be involved in a rather intense debate about… something or other… with her extremely patient dad. In spite of the fact that she only speaks fluent baby talk, dad seems to understand her… although he’s not quite sure he agrees with her point.


As dad tries valiantly to suss out the little girl’s meaning, she shows that she’s perfectly capable of expressing herself using only her hands. Maybe she’s part Italian? We don’t know; but whatever she’s talking about it, she really feels passionately about it.


“I see what you mean, but what is it you’re trying to say?” Dad asks. The little girl pauses for dramatic effect, seeming to consider his question. Then she waves her little hands at him and lets loose another stream of the most adorable baby talk you’ve ever heard!


After a few attempts, it seems that dad has finally figured out what she’s getting at, although they might have to just agree to disagree. This baby might have a bright future as a lawyer some day — she’s already got this debating thing down pat!

Watch the video below, and please share to spread the love and laughter.

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