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Tiny Toddler Adorably Loses It When He Gets A Banana As A Present.

There is a magical window of time when your kids will love absolutely anything you get them. During this window, they want things that aren’t influenced by TV commercials or peer pressure.

Whatever you get them, they love because you gave it to them — and therefore, it must be awesome. As adults, when it comes to gift-giving, so often we focus on the actual gift, rather than the action. The little guy in the video below can teach us all a thing or two about being grateful for getting a gift… any gift, and the joy that can come when you give.


Last week, Dustin Griffie uploaded an adorable video to Twitter of his young nephew’s reaction to his Christmas present. The young uncle didn’t give little Mason the coolest new toy, or even candy…

Instead, he gave the two-and-a-half-year-old a banana, and well, it went over pretty well.


“I got banana!” the little boy squealed, happily showing the piece of fruit off to everyone in the room.


Now for the really important question: Did he eat the banana or is it a treasured keepsake?


Click below to check out the “surprise banana” gift and the toddler’s cute reaction. Be sure to share this story if you think we could all learn from Mason’s love for his simple present!

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