Every Time Dad Tells Joke, Baby Bursts Into Tears— It’s That Bad.

Comedy is very subjective, but some jokes are pretty much always so bad, they’re good.

In the viral video below, we meet baby Miles. Miles is just hanging out in his high chair with his parents when dad decides to tell him a classic dad joke. “Hey Miles,” dad says, “What do you call a deer with no eyes?” Miles just blinks at him, waiting for the punchline.


“I have no-eye-deer!” Dad says.

For a second, it almost looks like Miles is going to laugh at the silly pun… but then his face collapses into a classic crying baby face. He leans over, seemingly unable to stay upright because he’s so upset by the joke.


He seems to have been personally insulted by dad’s goofiness! Mom and dad soothe little Miles’s hurt feelings, and they’ve soon got him smiling once again.


Then dad really pushes his luck. He decides to try the same joke again, and this is the reaction he gets:


Okay, dad! Maybe a career in stand up comedy is not for you!

Watch the hilarious video below, and be sure to share with other would-be comedians in your life!

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