1-Yr-Old Girl Blocks Door In Adorable Attempt To Keep Daddy From Going To Work.

It’s not easy as a working parent to be away from your young ones for much of the day. It can also be hard for the kids– and sometimes, they just might put up an adorable protest.

That was certainly the case with this cute little toddler.


In the video below, a one-year-old little girl positions herself in front of the door and refuses to let her father leave.

As uploader RobDea86 explained, “Our [daughter], in her own language [is] getting upset with her dad because she knows he is about to leave for work.”

cute toddler pleads for dad to stay

“Come on, move out of the way. Papa’s gotta go to work!”

No matter how the dad attempts to reason with his little girl, he’s having none of it. First directly blocking his way and then, when that doesn’t work, grasping his leg and giving him puppy eyes.

When her father still won’t listen to reason, she unveils her secret weapon: tears.

dad picks her up.

Once the resilient toddler is nearly reduced to tears,  it’s Daddy to the rescue with a hug. We can only assume it took a LOT of hugs from dad to get out of the house in time for work!

Check out the precious moment below, and share!

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