farmer in dell

Oprah Thought ‘Farmer In The Dell’ Was Wearing A Costume — Gives Him Sexy Makeover.

When a few of Oprah’s producers were out one day, they spotted a man inside Lowe’s who made them all pause. Surely, the guy shopping in oversized overalls, a scraggly straw hat, and a bleached beard was in costume… right?

But after the initial shock passed, they not only realized that this was just how Jason dressed, but they could also see his potential. His makeover was a long time coming. And when they were done with him, it was clear there was definitely more to this “farmer in the dell” than met the eye.


Jason admits that when he was approached by Oprah’s team, he had been working at his farm and rather than changing, decided to stay in his work clothes while he picked up a few things at the store.

jason before makeover

Oprah’s producers definitely believed there was a handsome, stylish man beneath the farming getup. The question was: Could they bring that fashionable man out?

Well, see for yourself!

jason after big makeover

Before undergoing his big transformation, Jason was consulted about which celebrity fashions he admired, and the stylists drew influence from his country music favorites such as Tim McGraw. Thanks to Jason’s feedback, they were able to give him a new look without dragging him too far outside his comfort zone.

The before and after is really dramatic.

split screen of jason before and after

Oprah noted that Jason now bore a resemblance to popular country singer Kenny Chesney. But more importantly, Jason’s farm work clothes were gone and he looked very much the dashing cowboy.

Jason admits that before his big makeover, he got all kinds of looks… but admittedly for all of the wrong reasons.

To see this hunky makeover for yourself, click the video below. If you love this dramatic transformation, please share this story!

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