Irish dance troupe Fusion Fighters gave a totally impressive performance at this year's World Irish Dance Championships.

World Champion Irish Dancers Dazzle Crowd With Mind-Blowing Routine.

We’ve brought you stories about the Fusion Fighters before, most recently after an impressive St. Patrick’s Day performance at a venue in Dublin. Anyone who’s ever taken dance lessons of any kind knows how hard it is to nail down those steps, but then to synchronize and keep it together from beginning to end? If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Just weeks after that St. Patty’s Day performance, the Fusion Fighters gathered – along with thousands of other Irish dancing elites – for the 2017 World Irish Dance Championships.


The group’s founder, Chris Naish, said that particular performance was “a bit risky” in retrospect, because the week was so jam-packed with activities and events that they had little time for rehearsals.

“We had to meet up each night after the competition had finished,” which wasn’t until 10 or 11 p.m., he added. But on the night of the performance, they danced in front of “over 2,000 of our biggest critics, and to our relief we got a brilliant reception.”


So they pulled this off with hardly any time to rehearse?


Oh, you know, it was just a little something we threw together at the last minute. No biggie.


This video’s been viewed nearly 20 million times, and many have come out to thank Michael Flatley, the American dancer and legendary leader of “Riverdance”.



Check out the performance below, and share with an Irish dance enthusiast today!

Fusion Fighters bringing the house down at the Irish World Championships! ?? Fusion Fighters

Posted by The Irish Post on Saturday, November 18, 2017

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