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War Vet Tracks Down Grade School Girlfriend, Woos Her & The Photos Are Too Cute.

Teenage romances don’t usually pan out. People grow up and move away; they find new loves and lead different lives. Yet every once in awhile, the love you thought was gone for good comes back to you in the most unexpected way.

In a recent post shared on Facebook, an anonymous user told a heartwarming story of a love that transcended time, location, and age. E.H. explained that their grandmother had been living alone ever since her husband died 15 years ago… until a very special man contacted her to pick up where they left off decades ago.


“A few years back, her old high school boyfriend tracked her down, and has been wooing her, ever since,” E.H. said. “They met through her best friend in elementary school, (he was her friend’s cousin) … They dated for a few years and broke up, because he joined the military. He went off to war and didn’t feel right asking her to wait for him, because he didn’t know what would happen. She ended up meeting my grandfather, while her high school sweetheart was still gone.”


Most love stories end there, but not this one!

E.H. went on to share that Grandma’s new/old boyfriend lives in a different city, so they had to keep things long distance for years. Then, one day, the man surprised Grandma with some roses to prove how much he still loves her, and she decided the time was right to meet him once again.


“My grandma is 89 years old, and he is a year or so older. He told my grandma if he knew she’d been a widow all this time, he would have called her much sooner,” E.H. wrote.


What a beautiful story. After all those years, he held onto their love.

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