Harlem Globetrotter Teaches Toddler To Spin Basketball & Gets Cutest Reaction Ever!

When kids meet their heroes, it’s a wondrous moment. But when they can see their skills on display up close? It’s pure magic.

In the video below, a little boy stands next to Thunder Law, a member of the Harlem Globetrotters, an exhibition basketball team known for their outrageously entertaining athletic feats.

Thunder is helping to balance a spinning basketball atop the little boy’s finger.


As the ball balances on his finger and rotates perfectly, the little boy’s face lights up with excitement!


“Told you you could do it, I told you you could do it, I told you!” says Thunder Law enthusiastically, jumping for joy. Soon, the boy joins in on the jumping and laughing, clearly over the moon about the trick he was able to pull off.

“We did it, we did it, we did it!” says Thunder Law.” High five.”


Watch the adorable video below, and share if you think we need more encouraging role models like Thunder Law in the world.

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