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5 Hilarious Dads Form Street Dance Crew For Kids’ Recital & The Crowd Goes Nuts.

It’s unclear whether these dads were hoping to impress or embarrass their kids — either way, we’re loving the end result.

At a children’s dance show in Camber, England, a group of dads got together to create a street dance crew. The group of five grown men called themselves “Clueless” and they’ve got sass for days. It didn’t take long for the entire audience to start clapping and laughing along with their epic routine.


The video starts out with the big, burly men appearing on the dance floor in classic hip-hop jumpsuits. They start to do a funny routine, but it turns out, they’re just getting warmed up.


Seconds later, they rip off their tear-away pants… some more successfully than others, and under the jumpsuits, they’ve got on white tank tops emblazoned with their crew name. For bottoms, they chose, tights and flirty white tutus, naturally.


This is where things get even funnier! Finding themselves short one dance partner, a little girl brings out a blow-up doll to complete the hysterical scene.


These are definitely five of the coolest, funniest dads we’ve ever seen! Watch their comical performance below, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today!

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