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12-Yr-Old Takes Selfie Every Day For 9 Yrs Until The Moment He Gets Married.

How much do our looks really change over the course of our lifetimes? It’s hard to tell day to day because we see the small differences take place gradually.

Back in 2008, when Montreal resident Hugo Cornellier was just 12 years old, his dad showed him some time-lapse videos he’d created. Intrigued, he “started researching time-lapse videos … and found Noah Kalina’s video.” In it, Noah photographed himself every day — for years. “I noticed that nobody had done anything similar showing the aging process of a teenager, so I decided to go for it,” Hugo recalls.


He took his first selfie in February 2008 — years before that term became so ubiquitous that it made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary — and continued taking them for the next nine years.

Typically, time-lapse videos involve editing together hundreds of photos or video snippets — but when it comes to Hugo’s project? He compiled more than 2,500 pictures.


Viewers watch as the teen goes through various stages of life; his hair changes, he moves to new apartments, makes new friends — and we get a front-row seat to it all!


A truly captivating part about the video is that his eye position and face appears in the same spot in each frame. It creates an experience where you feel like you’re actually looking him in the eyes.

But it’s really just clever photo and video editing. Hugo stabilized each picture manually to appear in the exact proper position.


“I would love to continue the project on until my old age and have a time-lapse video documenting my entire life!” Hugo says.

Another particularly fascinating part are the people he includes in his photos.



Girls come and go, but eventually, one appears in almost every photo that Hugo takes.

That’s because he and Juliana (Juli for short) get engaged!


Watch Hugo go from a fresh-faced young boy to a stubbled teen and eventually a grown man at his wedding altar in the video below.

Hugo says he still takes a selfie every day, even post-wedding. Share this to spread his inspiring project!


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