Feisty Girl Meets “Beauty & The Beast” Villain At Disney World & Puts Him In His Place!

One of the best parts of Disney World is how it brings to life the characters children grew up seeing on screen. In that way, the story never ends, and children get a chance to interact with their favorite (and, in this case, least favorite) characters.

And one feisty little girl took the opportunity to put a certain Disney villain in his place — leading to lots of laughs for all involved.

gaston and girl

Little Isabella, whose name couldn’t be more fitting, encountered an actor playing Gaston after meeting Belle. When he asked if she was still with the horrible Beast, Isabella informed him that the Beast is her favorite character.

gaston beast favorite

The two then begin what is ultimately one of the cutest arguments ever.

Gaston attempts to persuade Isabella that Belle would be marrying him. However, the feisty little girl was having none of it. She informed him that Belle would be marrying Beast. No matter how much he insisted, she countered that Belle and Beast were getting married.

We can’t exactly blame her for her confidence since (spoiler alert) that’s exactly what happens.

little girl last word

She ends up insisting that he would “never ever ever” have a chance at Belle and puts the villain firmly in his place. Now the hilarious video has been viewed more than 9 million times!

To see the funny and adorable clip, click the video below, and please share this story!

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