“Star Wars” Actor Cuts Off Reporter, Has Her Interview His Parents & It’s Too Cute.

There’s charming, and then there’s John Boyega-charming!

At the European Royal premiere of the highly anticipated new “Star Wars” movie, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the breakout celebrity of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” surprised everyone by bringing along some very special guests.  Instead of inviting a simple +1 like many other stars, actor John Boyega brought along his entire family to share the red carpet.

John, a newcomer to the Hollywood scene, plays Finn in the “Star Wars” franchise. He hails from Peckham in London, England, so his family didn’t have far to travel for the premiere.

The most adorable moment had to be when John was wrapping up an interview with a UK reporter when he suddenly blurts out, “Enough of me, meet my parents!”

He’s clearly beyond thrilled to have his favorite people alongside him on this special night!

His parents are so proud of their son, and can you blame him? John went from largely unknown to one of the most recognizable faces in a decades-old franchise. Moreover, he managed to win the love of this notoriously hard-to-please fanbase, which is an impressive feat for sure.

The internet was totally loving John’s inclusion of his family during his big night.


John has become a favorite among fans all over the world. This red carpet experience shows that he’s clearly a lovely young man who values his family above all else. The new “Star Wars” movie opens nationwide on December 15, 2017.

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