Kids Send Letter To Daddy In Heaven — Then Real-Life Guardian Angels Respond.

For Kollin and Keegan Cass, it was enough that the letter they wrote and tied to an array of colorful balloons floated upward to heaven. The children were five and three at the time and had recently lost their father, Kyle, to brain cancer.

The activity was meant to help the grieving family and to inspire a sense of hope despite the tragic situation.


What they didn’t know is that the letter would float from their home in Detroit, Michigan all the way to Petrolia, Ontario. That’s when Heather and Tim Wilcox, a pair of real-life guardian angels, went into action.


As Tim and Heather explained to CBC News, they found the letter sent by the Cass family in their backyard. Said Heather, “We felt it was important to reach out to this family because they were grieving.”

balloon letter and response

After reaching out to the children’s mother, Samantha, and talking it over with a child psychologists, Heather and Tim decided to send a heartfelt response.

The couple surprised Keagan and Kollin with a cardboard box filled with gifts from “guardian angels” selected by their father. The young children were thrilled with the surprise.  “A teddy bear from daddy!” little Keagan exclaimed. Her brother Kollin was stunned at finding a toy Corvette. ” It’s just like my dad’s!”


Meanwhile, their mother Samantha was left speechless over Heather and Tim’s kind gesture. As she wrote on her Facebook,

“A complete stranger taking the time to reach out and offer support and condolences gives me hope for humanity.”

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