Little Girl Sees Train For 1st Time & Absolutely Loses It In Adorable Video.

Kids get excited about the most random, everyday things out there, and it’s adorable. It adds magic to those little moments in life that would otherwise feel mundane and forces you to realize just how wonder-filled our world really is.

In the video below, a little girl named Madeline waits on a platform in anticipation of riding on her first ever train.


She is beyond elated and can barely contain her excitement as she sees the train approaching. Her eyes bug out of her head, and it’s as if she can’t believe what’s about to happen to her.

Madeline has loved trains ever since she was a baby, so for her third birthday, her dad surprised her with a train ride around their town. She was floored!


In the clip, Madeline’s dad asks, “What’s coming?”

“A traaaaain!,” she replies, bubbling over with joy.

“Are we going to ride the train?” asks dad.

“Yeah!” says Madeleine, never for a second taking her eyes off the approaching cars.


As the train pulls into the station Madeline looks absolutely shocked by its speed and size. “Woooah!” she exclaims, her blue eyes wide with awe.


As the cars pull to a stop, she realizes it’s finally time for her dream to come true. She grabs her dad’s hand and they board the train together. Best birthday ever.

Check out the adorable video below, and share to spread Madeline’s sense of wonder!

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