Graduate Breaks Down When She Hears Familiar Voice Leading Pledge Of Allegiance.

Family is the best gift a person can receive, but time and circumstances sometimes keep loved ones apart for the important moments in life.

When Miranda Maggart of Miami, Florida was making plans for her high school graduation, she was heartbroken that her brother, Airman First Class Derrek Maggart, would not be able to attend the ceremony. Derrek had told her that his flight home would not arrive until two days after Miranda’s graduation, but little did she know that he had something special up his sleeve.


Unbeknownst to Miranda, Derrek had made arrangements to fly the 7,000 miles home to Miami from his station in South Korea, just so he could surprise her on her special day.


Derrek even spoke to the school officials so that he could be a part of the ceremony. The video below shows the moment when Derrek crept up the stairway to the podium to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Miranda immediately recognizes her brother’s voice and bursts into tears of joy.


As soon as the Pledge is over, Miranda rushes on stage to jump into Derrek’s waiting arms. The crowd is on its feet, applauding the beautiful moment. Principal Todd Gentis then fills everyone in on the fact that Derrek had made the plan to surprise Miranda weeks ago.


We never get tired of seeing our service people coming home to surprise their loved ones! Watch the video below to share in this wonderfully moving moment.

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