MoonPie’s Hilariously Sassy Twitter Account Has Internet In Stitches.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t play with your food.” But what if it was your food that was playing with you? On social media, nonetheless!

Such is the case with MoonPies, the snack sized-dessert consisting o 2 graham cracker cookies stuffed with marshmallow fluff and dipped in chocolate. Over the past year, the confection’s Twitter account has been gaining hilarious popularity for its witty and playful Tweets.

The MoonPie Twitter account first attracted attention with their epic reply to a Hostess Snacks Tweet in August:


Since then, the brand has come out with a flurry of retorts that are so out of this world, I think they must be coming from a professional comic.

Like this one, launched at a Twitter user who dared insult MoonPies (she’s fine, by the way, she pinned the exchange at the top of her account):



And this brilliant one:

Business Insider

Sometimes, MoonPie just likes to Tweet really random yet hilarious things aimed at no one in particular, just for the heck of it.



They’ve even gotten so popular that they had to set some ground rules for their followers.


I’m pretty sure this is the greatest marketing strategy of all time. And you know what? I’m sold.

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