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Ellen Plans Epic Surprise For Teacher Who Chose To Work At Poorest Baltimore School.

Just what makes a teacher move from California to one of the poorest areas of Baltimore, Maryland? The question was asked by Ellen DeGeneres… and many others when they heard Wyatt Oroke’s story.

He relocated to Baltimore to become a middle school teacher. But it’s not just that he moved there, but that he made it a point to teach at one of the most underprivileged schools in the entire city. After being invited onto the “Ellen Show,” the man affectionately known as “Mr. O” was able to share his amazing story.

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As Wyatt explained, “There are neighborhoods in Baltimore that have been under-resourced and under-served for centuries.” The combination of politics and bigotry often deprived certain areas of basic needs — including a quality education.

While the young teacher could have moved anywhere in the country, he felt compelled to go where he could best make a difference. He shared that every year since he began teaching, he’d encounter children that were homeless; he even lost one student to gun violence.

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In addition to providing students with an education, Wyatt hopes to “provide a listening ear,” for his students.

Ellen surprised Wyatt with an appearance on her show and the humble teacher talked about his short-term and long-term goals. Ultimately, he hoped to help his students continue their education and make a difference in their community.

mr o teaching students

Wyatt was then surprised with a live video feed of his students who told “Mr. O” how much he meant to them. Their words moved the teacher to tears. But the best was yet to come as Ellen announced an even bigger gift.

It’s always wonderful when good teachers get the praise they deserve, and we really need more teachers like Wyatt in the world. To hear more of his story and to learn about his students, check out the video below.

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