Stunning Grandma Loses 80 lbs, Amazes Instagram With Mouthwatering Diet Plan.

Losing weight can feel like a second full-time job: You have to devote hours and hours to meal planning and exercising each week.

Now add to that your own life responsibilities and a few kids and you’ve got pretty much negative free time on your hands. But for many, losing weight can be a true lifesaver. Natalie Sutherland is a mom to four happy children and is now even a grandmother, but her life wasn’t always the picture of parenting bliss.

Back in 2011, while she was having some fertility issues, Natalie coped with her emotions by overeating. She found herself reaching for bags of chips, sweets, and other unhealthy foods.

Because of her weight gain, she would hide behind people in photos and avoid mirrors.

When she became pregnant with her youngest child, she relished in the ability to “eat for two.” But her overeating continued long after her baby was born. By 2016, she tipped the scales at well over 200 pounds and said she felt like an “elephant.”

Realizing that she had to make a lifestyle change in order to live the life she wanted, Natalie started eating healthy.


And slowly but surely, she began seeing results.


Natalie remembers the times that were the hardest.

I used to turn down invitations to go out. I didn’t have a social life. I could never find anything to wear because I would be disappointed. The clothes would never look like they did on the hanger.

I was very unhappy with myself. I didn’t want to be touched. It was difficult to get dressed in front of my husband and to show any PDA.

But that all changed when she changed her diet and began losing the weight.

Daily Mail

In fact, she was so pleased with her results and hoping to inspire others, she shared her before and after photos on social media.

The transformation has been amazing. Natalie says that she’s finally, “Happy in my own skin again.” 


What an incredible transformation!

Natalie’s story is so relatable — we all have tough times in life, but it’s how we react that really shows our true strength. She knew she wanted her kids to have a mom who could play with them and who would be around for years to come.

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