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Navy Mom Scours Living Room For Birthday Gift — Screams When She Sees Familiar Face.

Military families don’t always get to spend special occasions together, but once in a while, the stars align!

When Navy mom Wendy Podpora learned that her son, Logan, would not be able to get leave for her 50th birthday, she was understandably sad. What Wendy didn’t know, though, was that a miraculous plan was coming together behind the scenes.


Logan had actually managed to get leave, so he worked with his family to surprise his mom for her birthday.

But the best part was the way she found out he was home. On the day of her 50th celebration, John Podpora decided to film the moment she put all the pieces together, and fair warning: You’re going to want to grab some tissues!


In the video, Wendy is standing in her living room, surrounded by family members. She’s looking for her special birthday gift, and asks, “Can you tell me hot or cold?” “It’ll become obvious,” John says behind the camera.

The lens pans to the left and we get a sneak peek of the family’s sailor, casually sitting in the breakfast nook like it’s a regular day!


When Mom suddenly spots Logan, her reaction is priceless! “Oh my god!” she squeals, instantly bursting into happy tears. “I had a feeling… this weird feeling today!”


“Happy birthday, Mom,” Logan says as he hugs her and his sister.


As a much-needed tension breaker, mom laughingly busts on him at the end. “Are you kidding, I’m not ready for you! Your sheets are dirty!” Such a mom reaction!

Here’s what John said when he shared the video on Facebook:

“After Bootcamp, Logan told his Mom, he could not get leave for her 50th birthday. Mom was sad. Logan was granted leave and decided to surprise his Mom by sneaking into the house. Only Logan and I knew the plan. I told the boys the night before her birthday. On the day of her party, I picked up Logan at the airport and hid him in the garage. We told Mom we needed to blindfold her, because we had to assemble her present. This is how it played out…”

Watch the homecoming below, and don’t forget to share to spread the love!

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