oskar & gaspar audition

Artist Takes Confused Heidi Offstage & Transforms Her Into Living Art.

“America’s Got Talent” has seen all kinds of acts, from singers to dancers, ventriloquists to acrobats. But recently, one particular performance stood out for its uniqueness.

At the beginning of the audition, three performers named Bjorn, Eduardo, and Ruben enter the stage and explained that they were representing the artists known as Oskar & Gaspar, who have never been seen before in person. The mystery begins…


During their interview the group lets the judges know that because Heidi loves Halloween, she had been chosen by Oskar & Gaspar to be a part of their performance.

So Heidi leaves the judges table and is led backstage by the men. There, she is given a wardrobe change.


When Heidi returns she’s wearing a white unitard and is directed to stand in the center of the stage with her hands on her hips, eyes closed.

The performers who were auditioning left her on the stage after promising that what they were about to do would not hurt.

“Why did he pick me?” Heidi asks before the audition begins.


After that, the lights began to go down completely.

“This is kind of creepy,” Simon says.

All of a sudden a beautiful light show begins displaying across Heidi’s darkened form on stage.

But this was unlike any normal light display: Vivid images of the judges begin to flash as Heidi’s body becomes a canvas for incredible moving art.


After this incredible performance, every single judge gave a yes vote and Oskar & Gaspar were sent to the next round.

Oskar & Gaspar is a group of visual and multimedia artists based in Portugal. They work hard to dazzle their audiences with stunning 3-D performances.

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