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Grungy Rocker With Soul Patch Gets Handsome New Look & Shocks Oprah.

Sometimes, makeovers can do more than just help someone look better. They allow a person’s exterior to accurately represent who they are inside.

In turn, this gives them a new sense of confidence. That was exactly the case for Larry. His sister-in-law, Kristen, nominated him to receive a makeover on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” and boy did he need it.


In her plea to Oprah, Kristen explains that Larry is a handsome guy, but he’s hiding behind a shaggy haircut and fashion choices that are incredibly outdated. “His hair is pretty long on top but the underneath layer is shaven so when he puts it back in a ponytail it really does not look good,” she explains.


And then there’s his soul patch!

She also calls him out for his “crazy” leather jacket featuring snakeskin stripes that he wears everywhere. “I think Larry’s look was probably cool 15 years ago, but I’m hoping for something a little more current,” she states.


After showing a few clips of Larry, the camera cuts to Oprah and style expert Tim Gunn, who explains that he wanted to keep a rocker-esque look when making over Larry, because he’s actually in a band. He just wanted to update and polish it.


When it’s time for the big reveal, Larry’s transformation truly is shocking.

He walks out in black leather slacks, a black belt, and black turtleneck, and kind of reminds me of a modern Uncle Jesse. “It’s very different, for sure. But I like it and I might try to stick with it,” says Larry, noting his dad is a fan of the look.


As for Kristen? “I’m overwhelmed,” she says, with tears in her eyes. “I think that he looks gorgeous.”

Watch his jaw-dropping transformation below, and share if you agree that his new look fits him to a T!

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