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“Rocker” Gets Handsome Makeover Weeks Before Wedding, Leaving Fiancée Speechless.

You know that feeling when you look back at old photos and cringe when you see your style choices?

Sure, that rat tail, mullet, or sky-high beehive was cool years ago… but now? Not so much. Then again, some people hold on to their outdated looks for far too long, and that was exactly the case for Dan. His ultra-shaggy hairstyle was rocker-cool a few decades ago, but Dan just wouldn’t let it go. The man was in desperate need of a makeover.


So when Dan was selected to be part of a special “Flip A Look” makeover segment on the “Rachael Ray Show,” he took the unique opportunity to overhaul his hair — especially since he was due to marry the love of his life in a few short weeks!

rocker before makeover

But just why did Dan hold onto his old-school rocker hairstyle for so long?

rocker before group

Well, it turned out that Dan wasn’t holding onto the past. In fact, he revealed that he was concerned about the shape of his head. Dan said he couldn’t find a haircut he liked that would look good on him.

Luckily, the stylist knew exactly what to do. What came next was a truly incredible transformation — from a dated ‘do to a handsome hunk:

rocker big reveal

Maria was visibly surprised and thrilled at her future husband’s suave new look.

after makeover

The good news didn’t end there as host Rachael Ray told the future newlyweds about a special surprise!

Find out what it is in the video below and watch the awesome makeover take place. Don’t forget to share this story to spread some love for the happy couple.

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