Cops Hatch Clever Plan To Contact Abuse Victim— Take To Twitter With Powerful Letter.

There’s no denying that social media has become one of today’s most powerful tools for communication. So a few days ago, the Lochaber and Skye police force in Scotland decided to take to their Twitter account as means of attempting to reach a young woman who they know to be at risk of domestic abuse.

Aware that the woman, who is a resident of Skye, follows their account, the police force used their tweets as a way to discreetly offer the young woman help without putting her in further danger.


It’s an incredibly smart way to let someone in a threatening situation know you’re there to help as it’s relatively anonymous; there’s no way for her partner to know that the police are tweeting about (and directly to) her!

The police explain that they, along with other agencies, are working together to try and ensure her safety, even if she’s not aware of it.


In an incredibly heartbreaking Tweet, they proceed to write that there is absolutely no excuse for abuse and that whatever violent action is being taken against her is not her fault.

All too often, abuse victims blame themselves for what is going on and don’t believe they deserve to be in a better situation.


They go on to include information about resources that are out there to help her, including their phone number and that of a woman’s aid organization in Scotland.

“There is #NoExcuse for #DomesticAbuse,” they conclude. “Help is out there.”


Although we can’t be sure whether or not the tweets reached their intended recipient, it is heartwarming to know that the police were so personally invested in a single woman’s situation that they decided to attempt to reach out to her in such a smart and safe way.

It’s a powerful reminder that there are people out there who care deeply about others and who will try to help them by any means necessary. 

The series of tweets has gotten a massive response online:



We are so grateful that there are men and women in uniform out there who take serious care in helping out people from their communities.

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