Adorable Southern Boy Makes His Grocery List & It Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Watch All Day.

What did we ever do before we could take videos of our children doing adorable things? Being able to listen to their sweet voices after they’ve grown up is truly the best thing about technology!

When southern mom Chrystal Logsdon uploaded the cutest video of her young son to Facebook, she probably had no idea that the video would reach so many people. Yet the adorable clip, which is only 52 seconds long, has now gone viral!

Why is the video so popular? Because it’s the cutest darn thing you’ll see this year, that’s why!


Chrystal’s little son is helping her make a grocery list, and he has the world’s greatest southern accent. As he pretends to write on a notepad, he repeats every food item Chrystal tells him in the sweetest little voice!


“We need spaghetti,” Chrystal tells him. “We need ‘sketti. What else?” he asks. “We need bananas,” she says. “We need ‘nanas. What else?”


After they’ve covered everything from “Taco stuff” to “more ‘tatos, wettus (lettuce) and  ‘matos (tomatoes), Chrystal tells him that’s all  they need.


“No it ain’t,” he says charmingly. “We need some more.” He then turns to his dad to see if there’s anything daddy would like to add to the list.

The clip ends on a cliffhanger — we never find out if dad wants anything! But it’s all okay, because we can just back up and watch this precious boy helping his mom again and again.

Watch the clip below, and definitely share it to spread a smile today!

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