Mom Gives Birth In The Subway — A Yr Later, 2 Strangers Recognize Her Photo.

It was a surreal and initially terrifying situation, but it soon transformed into a Christmas miracle.

Turned away from the hospital, Lizzie Hines found herself under perilous circumstances. She was a woman about to give birth to a child just outside of a subway station. Despite the worrying situation, Lizzie was not alone. In her moment of need, many strangers rushed to her side. Now, a year later, Lizzie has taken to her Facebook page to express gratitude to the anonymous heroes who leaped into action… but that’s not all.

lizzie facebook profile

Lizzie wants to share the kindness that her anonymous heroes showed her and thank them in person. In her now-viral post, she writes:


“Louis was born on the pavement opposite Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road a year ago this week – 22 December 2016 at 7am.

Some parts of this stranger than fiction experience are still very vivid. I remember so clearly lying down, seeing the ankles of commuters around me and knowing what was about to happen …

I don’t remember getting up off the pavement, the cheers of strangers declaring it a ‘Christmas miracle!’, the faces of the people, or who wrapped us up.”

But the most touching act of compassion for Lizzie was the stranger who wrapped her newborn son Louis in a scarf.


It’s this person with whom Lizzie is hoping to be somehow reunited.

“To the person who gave away their scarf to a stranger on a cold day and wrapped up my sweet baby Louis, I’m wondering if I can find you?”

Lizzie even took a picture of her adorable baby wrapped in the scarf.


Lizzie wrote that “thankfully Louis was absolutely fine and this was a euphoric and beautiful birth, and a strangely festive entrance!” She continued, that now that he’s almost one, “it feels like a fitting week to return [the scarf] and introduce my babbling, toddling baby to a member of his welcoming party.”

Miraculous, since the post went viral a few days ago, Lizzie was reunited with two of the women who helped her on that fateful winter day.


We’re sure Lizzie will tell this story to Louis for years to come. He’ll have a fun icebreaker for cocktail parties when he gets older.

Share this little twice-over Christmas miracle to spread some joy this holiday season!

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