We’re Hiring!

InspireMore is hiring.  Please see below for open positions and company information.  To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Our company, perks, and work environment:

  • Office: Dallas Entrepreneur Center
    • Share space with 30 other start-ups (leads to really fun interactions and opportunities for collaboration, learning)
    • Ping Pong Table: we are huge lovers of ping pong.  Typically play 1-2 times per day to refresh our minds.
  • Unlimited, excellent coffee
    • We love coffee. Consequently, we bought an awesome set up and get top-notch coffee shipped to us every two weeks from around the world.  It’s a fun little perk that keeps us energized.
  • Remote Wednesdays (or potential for all-remote… depending on position).
    • We work remotely every Wednesday.  So enjoy keeping those comfy clothes on and posting up on your couch or at a coffee shop.
  • Flexible Vacation/Days off
    • Our employees have a set number of weeks off. We highly encourage everyone to use the full vacation because we NEED time to get refreshed.  But if there is ever a need for more time, we can have that conversation.  Likewise, we take company Holidays and even the random day off just because!
  • Team Service
    • Once a quarter we like to go serve somewhere as a team.  It’s usually a really fun day of bonding and being reminded of the real, tangible mission we have of being a light to the world.
  • Fun celebrations
    • Once a month we try to do a fun team lunch, Happy Hour, or fancy dinner.  Other times we will really go all out to celebrate if we’ve accomplished something big (for example, we went to Dallas’s #1 steakhouse last week to celebrate our 2 yr anniversary).
  • Health Insurance:
    • Robust and flexible health insurance options through world-class CPEO.  Full dental and vision.
  • Team Goals:
    • We typically set goals every month and a half.  If we hit those goals, we get awesome prizes.  Past prizes: team Chinese foot massages, gift cards, Northpark gold (mall credit), new coffee brewing system, cash.
  • Our reach:
    • We currently reach 10-50 million people per WEEK.  It is an incredible opportunity to be a light, impact people’s lives, and even alter culture. Likewise, it is a very compelling size to learn a lot about digital marketing and be cutting-edge.
  • Exciting time:
    • We are growing fast and are looking to quickly expand our team.  This is the right time to join and secure a spot as a leader/innovator on our team as we continually expand.


 Open Positions:


  • Sick of bad news?  We are too.  InspireMore’s core product is compelling, purely positive media content that brightens people’s days and contrasts the prevalent growth of negative stories and news.
  • Create well-researched, inspiring video, list, and article posts to be distributed around the world.  Excel at being the absolute best content on the web.
  • Brainstorm new types of content to further grow impact and reach.
  • Exposure: InspireMore drives ~ 10-40 million unique site visitors per month from all over the world.
  • Position for full-time, in-person, at home office in Dallas, Tx. OR remote.


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